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Welcome to our website

Cactus Nursery Ariane is a wholesale business that grows and imports cacti, succulents, sempervivums & caudex plants. The nursery consists of a covered glass surface of 3800m² and an open-air space of 6000m².
The nursery is run by Hans Van de Voorde and his wife Ariane Taeldeman, and counts 2 permanent workers. During peak periods seasonal workers are hired.
Over 90% of our sales go through plant exporting companies.


•  Cacti; All cacti in our nursery are grown from seed or cuttings. We also import plants from the Canary Islands. Available in pots from 5,5 cm diameter up to 60 cm diameter.


•  Succulents; Our succulents are grown by Belgicactus and are available in pots from 5,5 cm to 13 cm diameter. Depending on the season, we also import succulents from abroad.


•  Sempervivums; All sempervivums in our nursery are grown from cuttings and are available in pots from 5,5 cm, 8,5 cm & 13 cm. We also offer specially decorated sempervivum bowls.


•  Caudex plants; These plants are extremely well adapted to dry conditions and are grown at the nursery. Bigger plants are imported from South Africa. The ' South African Pride ' label is used to commercialize the plants.


All our plants can be delivered from stock. Decorative pots, coverings, name and price tags are available upon request. We can also offer our plants on display trays.

!!! Welcome to our website !!!