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Care of caudex plants

The caudex plants are characterized by their swollen roots and stem base and thrive on a hot and sunny spot.

Many species can be grown outside in summer (mid May through end September) on a sunny spot. They will grow well and, possibly, flowers may appear. When the plants are kept inside during the growing season they should get as much light as possible. Water every two weeks and fertilize once a month using cactus fertilizer. Use a sharp knife to cut back excessively long shoots. New shoots will soon appear.


During the dormant season ( October through half May ) the plants should be kept at a temperature of 12- 15C, but should still get as much light as possible. Water once a month.
Plants may drop their leaves during winter. As soon as the plant starts growing again, new leaves will appear.
When the shoots are dead, they can be cut back just above the caudex. The caudex will form new shoots during the growing season.


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